Industrial Mythology with Karol Appel

Hello fellow Blogreaders!
The photoshoot this post is dedicated to has been emerging in my head for over two years. The concepts were evolving to eventually clarify an image combining a strong inspiration for Greek sculptures with industrial spaces.
The model was Karol Appel, a talented personail trainer, changed into a metallic statue by Julia Konieczna, and our good spirit and assistance was Marta Charzewska. All of the photos were taken in Studio Gwiazda and a hallway that leads to it.


Technical stuff:
To avoid a battle with direct sunlight, we started our photoshoot at dawn. Let me divide the description into 3 series of photos:
– in studio I was using 2 studio lamps, with 70×100 softboxes and diffusers, placed on the left and the right side of the frame (behind and in front of the model). In this part of the photoshoot I was working on long exposure times and with stand to brighten the studio with natural light. These photos were taken with a focal length of about 40mm and time 1/15s.
– in the hallway I was using one flash on a 3m stand, without any modifiers, while standing several metres further, and I was shooting with a focal length of about 150mm.
– In the last part of the session, that I operatively called bodyscapes, I was using only one studio lamp with a 70×100 softbox with grid. The camera settings suppressed the natural light – iso50, f14, 1/200s, and a controlled flash from a modifier separated the model’s body with a light.