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Anubhav Sood | Triangles | Backstage Video

Hello fellow Blogreaders!
Last week I had the pleasure of making a backstage video of Anubhav Sood’s photoshoot for Triangles.

photographer: Anubhav Sood
models: Paulina Skrzypczak i Dominika Gwardyńska
mua: Patrycja Szafrańska
lingerie: Triangles
music: Duit

After the photoshoot I took some spontaneous photos with super nice Dominika, who also took care of her stylizations.
As always, you’ll find the technical stuff below the photos.

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Body Challenge – Cover photohoot with Honorata Dziel

Hello fellow Blogreaders!
Today’s post is going to be short, but to the point. I’ve recently had the pleasure of realizing my first cover session for Body Challenge magazine with super friendly Honorata Dziel – an editor of the magazine, and the owner of Wielkopolskie Centrum Terapii Naturalnych. We went for a contemporary, strong sport style, which combined with a strong personality of the model resulted in a characteristic, powerful portrait. At the end of the post there’s a description of the lighting and a happy backstage, hope you enjoy it.

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In the spirit of 80’s

Hello fellow Blogreaders!

On the Women’s Day (not intentionally :)) together with Kasia ‘Daedra’ Mikołajczak we organised a photo shoot loosely inspired by the 80s – more in case of the lighting rather than the stylization. The whole lighting effect, including the “stars” in the background, was achieved already in the camera. As usually, a full description can be found at the end of this post.

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Hello fellow Blogreaders!

A few days ago Agnes from Garbledville and I went to an old antiques store. We’ve both wanted to have a steampunk photoshoot for a while now, and after a couple of weeks of trying to find the right date, we finally did it. The photos were taken mainly in natural light + flash with a transparent umbrella (only for the first shot).

Model/stylization: Agnes from Garbledville
Corset: The Gothic Body
make-up: Emilia Fijałkowska-Kowalewska

Come with us on a journey into the dusty corners of Stara Rzeźnia:


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fold it

Hello, fellow Blogreaders!
this time, a quick post about a micro outdoor session that I’ve recently made with some excellent people:
Kasia Fabiańska – an old friend and a gifted designer,
Dominika Raczkiewicz – a young model with a potential,
Kinga Tyborska-Bednarek – a great make up artist, who also took care of the model’s hair
and Łukasz – our logistic and spiritual support.

A few words about the collection ‘fold it’ from Kasia: it was inspired by rococco. The basis was a dress a’la polonaise, which was an inspiration for the collection of women’s clothing with strongly textured fabrics.

The photoshoot took place in Sołacki Park in Poznań. More technical info, as usually, at the end of this post.
Meanwhile, the photos:

K.T.Fab! fabulous_02_1

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Elizabeth Collection Lookbook Spring-Summer 2016

Hello fellow Blogreaders!
One of the basic advantages of being a photographer is an opportunity to do the same commision for a certain company for a few years in a row. It gives you a chance to improve everything you weren’t entirely satisfied the last time you did it. It’s the second time I have been pleased to make Elizabeth Collection’s lookbook, and I wanted to keep some of the features we liked last year, at the same time improving some of the other aspects. This year there were some cosmetic changes in lighting (more about it, as usually, at the end of this post), colorful backgrounds that give the photos even more Summer vibe, and a new model – the wonderful Natalia Tomczyk! The hair and make up were taken care of by trusted Izabela Kolanowska, and we worked in my favourite in2it studio.


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