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fold it

Hello, fellow Blogreaders!
this time, a quick post about a micro outdoor session that I’ve recently made with some excellent people:
Kasia Fabiańska – an old friend and a gifted designer,
Dominika Raczkiewicz – a young model with a potential,
Kinga Tyborska-Bednarek – a great make up artist, who also took care of the model’s hair
and Łukasz – our logistic and spiritual support.

A few words about the collection ‚fold it’ from Kasia: it was inspired by rococco. The basis was a dress a’la polonaise, which was an inspiration for the collection of women’s clothing with strongly textured fabrics.

The photoshoot took place in Sołacki Park in Poznań. More technical info, as usually, at the end of this post.
Meanwhile, the photos:

K.T.Fab! fabulous_02_1

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Business session with head in the clouds

Hello fellow Blogreaders!
Recently I’ve realized an unusual business session project. Together with friendly and energetic Kasia Peleszuk we took photos that completed her website résumé (go check it out because it’s fantastic!). Our session took place on Aeroklub Wielkopolski’s airport, and our host was Wojciech Krupa, the leader of acrobatics group Żelazny. In the background, behind Kasia, there was Wojtek’s plane – EXTRA-330 LC SP-AUP. During this whole time Kasia’s friend Daria was providing us both spiritual (with positive energy), and real (by making sure that the light stand won’t tip over again) support.

The first challenge was a photo for the website header, Kasia standing in front of a plane.


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Versus #5 FairyLady Paulina Maciejewska

Hello fellow Blogreaders!
One of my resolutions for this year is reviving the Versus project – and the effect is second session this year (the previous one was with Youssef Nassar) for which I meet another photographer, and we try to take a series of photos of one another in the same place and at the same time. This time I was shooting Paulina Maciejewska (make sure to check out her work!), young, nice and talented, and it turned out that these are not the only reasons to hate her :). She is a photographic sure-fire hit as well, and doesn’t need to be instructed much to achieve great effects – what sadly can’t be said about me… so I have no other option than to hate her, and I’m good at it 🙂


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In Treatment – business photoshoot

Hello fellow Blogreaders!

I recently photographed Anna Holeniewska – a successful coach and therapist, and privately a very nice and warm person. The goal was to present her as a trustworthy professionalist. After seeing the results of this photoshoot, my Muse said she could go to a therapist like this – achievement unlocked 🙂 For this photoshoot I made an improved version of my previous business lighting that I used for Michał Pasterski photos. I’ll tell you more about the lighting at the end of this post, as I usually do.
Ania was afraid she wouldn’t be a good model but, as it usually happens in such cases, her worries were completely unnecessary. The make up was made by dependable Justyna, and I took the photos in my favourite In2it Studio. This is what we made together, hope you like it:


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