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Hello fellow Blogreaders!
Today I’ll tell you about an exceptional photoshoot that we had in a closed part of Zakłady Naprawy Taboru Kolejowego in Poznań. There wouldn’t be any photos if not a joyful group of explorers:
Model: Justyna Sancja Milenkiewicz // SPP Models
Stylization: Dominika Cianciara // Zakała Stylizuje, Maja Staniszewska // Fashion Dealers, Justyna Sancja Milenkiewicz
MUA: Justyna Sancja Milenkiewicz
Hair: Bartosz Walkowiak // Lukasz Buhl Hair Studio
Designers: The body and the dress Rag, trousers Odio Tees.
Coach: Agnieszka aka Nocna Furia

You can see more backstage photos on my Instagram.


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Poison Garden vol I

Hello fellow Blogreaders!

Lately I went to explore green belts that are only one tram stop away from where I live. I was accompanied by the wonderful Justyna Sancja Milenkiewicz. The excuse for this was an idea that my model had for a great while now. The photos were supposed to picture sensitivity and gentleness of woman’s nature in a bit of a darker take. Justyna did both the make up and stylization. The dresses were provided by: Odio Tees and Jakub Pieczarkowski. Cape: Fashion Dealers. The technical aspects of the photos are, as usually, described at the end of the post.

The series is called ‘Poison Garden’ and as an addition to it, here is the text written by the model:
“Give me the keys to the secret garden. I’ve been watching it from my window for too long… Sometimes in my thoughts I float in the air, I cross the ivy-covered gates. I burst into flowers stalks that, painfully curved, forgot to blossom. I wander around the path of withered leaves. I soak my hands in the water, like white lilies do. The magic of the garden locks me up inside. It absorbs, fills, allures with aromas. I’m not looking for a way out/ My feet, wrapped with ivy, won’t make a step anymore. Melancholy, I’m so blissful. I’m so sad.


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Day in Berlin

Hello, fellow Blogreaders!
This time a few words about a music video, which I was making between September 2015 and May 2016. The video for Jola Stopka’s ‘Day in Berlin’ was shot in three 2-day takes in Autumn 2015 and Spring 2016. During the 6 days of shooting, we visited many places characteristic for the German capital. It is up to you to discover where exactly these places are.

Music written by Jola Stopka
Violin: Jola Stopka
Piano: Katja Sourikova
Mastering: Michael Avery

fold it

Hello, fellow Blogreaders!
this time, a quick post about a micro outdoor session that I’ve recently made with some excellent people:
Kasia Fabiańska – an old friend and a gifted designer,
Dominika Raczkiewicz – a young model with a potential,
Kinga Tyborska-Bednarek – a great make up artist, who also took care of the model’s hair
and Łukasz – our logistic and spiritual support.

A few words about the collection ‘fold it’ from Kasia: it was inspired by rococco. The basis was a dress a’la polonaise, which was an inspiration for the collection of women’s clothing with strongly textured fabrics.

The photoshoot took place in Sołacki Park in Poznań. More technical info, as usually, at the end of this post.
Meanwhile, the photos:

K.T.Fab! fabulous_02_1

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Hand. Cannot. Erase. part.III

Hello fellow Blogreaders!
This is the last post of the H.C.E. series, but it’s the most personal one. My whole adventure with working on this ptoject began with an innocent mail from Carrie. She asked if I’d like to play a photographer in a music video, and I said yes, barely knowing anything about the project. After some time it turned out that I was going to play an unloved partner of the H.C.E. story main character. On the first day of shooting I met Carrie and Lasse, a few first shots were taken in a studio, and we spent a couple more Summer afternoons together. In one of these afternoons Lasse asked what I did for a living, and I said that a few years ago I happily changed my passion into profession and now I work as a photographer. He wanted to see some of my work – I showed him a session that I’d just made with my Muse, and which you can see here.


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Steven Wilson – Transience

Hello, fellow Blogreaders!
In last December, after I found out that on his new tour Steven Wilson will be playing Transcience (the only song from the H.C.E. album that wasn’t being played in 2015), partly because I wanted to prepare something that would be entirely mine, and partly because I just felt that I had to (this is one of my favourite tracks from the album), I decided to create a video with Karolina ‘Carrie’ Grzybowska that would complement the concerts visualizations. I am the one responsible for the idea, shooting, directing and editing, and the main character was played by sterling Karolina. For the reasons that were not dependent on us, the material will not be among the official visualizations on 2016 tour, however, Steven didn’t mind us publishing it as an unofficial music video. Feel free to watch our material, and to read more about the H.C.E. visualizations here and here. I can now officially tell you that Carrie and I are working on two more video projects – but for now I’ll let the fact whom they are for remain a mistery.

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