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remembrance trails

Hello fellow Blogreaders!
I’ve finally found a moment to catch up with the blog. First, a photoshoot that Justyna and I made in the first days of October. Justyna Sancja Milenkiewicz was responsible for make up, posing and stylization. Characterisation and further stylization were made by Dominika Cianciara. Our battlefield were abandoned allotments. The state of those corresponded well with the state of our main charakter. Come with me on a memory trail journey…


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My Own Prison

Hello, fellow Blogreaders!
I wanted to make a photoshoot along the lines of lingerie + cinematic b&w + the light of sunset coming through blinds for a long time… but the unpredictable weather turned out to be a big problem. Luckily, there is no problem you can’t solve with flash lights – a description of the lighting will be as usually at the end of this post. The model, stylist and the owner of the place was already known from the blog (click, another click) Natalia. The claustrophobic climate, enhanced with a focused light and showing the “bars” in the shot made added up to a session which I called ‘My Own Prison’:


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Sleeping Maids

Hello, fellow Blogreaders!
This is the most awaited/late post in this blog history. For many reasons, but I think the most important of them all was my fatigue, and the whole hype around this project. For all the unitiated: ‘The Sleeping Maids is my first personal project, realized in September/October 2012. It was published in January 2013 in the ‘Foto’ magazine, and there were also two exhibitions with it – a mini exhibition during the Vth edition of the fashion event ‘Mała Czarna’ (Concordia Design, 06.04.2013) and an exhibition with vernissage in Strefa Kultywator in Poznań (20.04 – 20.05.2013). The culmination was a non-profit auction ‘Oddaj sztukę w dobre ręce’, where my works helped gain money for sociotherapeutic community centre Nibylandia. All the technical stuff, as always, at the end of this post.


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Workshops Diptychs

Hello fellow Blogreaders!
Last week, after a several years break, I went back to wonderful Ciechocinek to carry out one on one photography workshops for Sławekk (the author of the blog Fotościanka), whom I met because of the 365 Challenge. Sławek wanted to broaden his knowledge about lighting and postproduction of portraits. We took a few portraits of his super nice wife Ania, and then had a micro outdoor session near Wisła river with amazingly freckled Joanna. The side effect of my trip to Ciechocinek is a series of diptychs, which you can see below.

Model: Joanna Lubawińska

Wind maker: Sławek Świątkiewicz


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Hello fellow Blogreaders!

A few days ago Agnes from Garbledville and I went to an old antiques store. We’ve both wanted to have a steampunk photoshoot for a while now, and after a couple of weeks of trying to find the right date, we finally did it. The photos were taken mainly in natural light + flash with a transparent umbrella (only for the first shot).

Model/stylization: Agnes from Garbledville
Corset: The Gothic Body
make-up: Emilia Fijałkowska-Kowalewska

Come with us on a journey into the dusty corners of Stara Rzeźnia:


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Hello fellow Blogreaders!
Today I’ll tell you about an exceptional photoshoot that we had in a closed part of Zakłady Naprawy Taboru Kolejowego in Poznań. There wouldn’t be any photos if not a joyful group of explorers:
Model: Justyna Sancja Milenkiewicz // SPP Models
Stylization: Dominika Cianciara // Zakała Stylizuje, Maja Staniszewska // Fashion Dealers, Justyna Sancja Milenkiewicz
MUA: Justyna Sancja Milenkiewicz
Hair: Bartosz Walkowiak // Lukasz Buhl Hair Studio
Designers: The body and the dress Rag, trousers Odio Tees.
Coach: Agnieszka aka Nocna Furia

You can see more backstage photos on my Instagram.


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