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Ewa Bednarska CAMOUFLAGE

Hello fellow Blogreaders!

Once again I was shooting lookbook for Ewa Bednarska, a talented young designer from Poznań, who won the last edition of HeartFashion. In her work she focuses on quality and functionality. Currently she’s creating two lines of clothes: STREET – for city lifestyle lovers, and GLAMOUR – dedicated to women who tend to wear elegant stylizations. The CAMOUFLAGE collection for Spring/Summer 2015 is characterised by original patterns (are photos or paintings made by the designer), printed onto fabrics produced in Łódź. The whole collection was sewn in Poznań.

The effects wouldn’t be so great if it wasn’t for the fantastic team:
– the clothes were provided by Ewa Bednarska – extremely positive person, who slowly and consistently has been building her own brand for the past few years,
– the model was Alicja Julia Rost – one of the most beautiful models I’ve ever worked with, the last time we worked together was in 2011, and during this break both her and I got better in what we do, it was really cool to meet after so many years – you rocked Ala! 🙂
– the second model was Mariusz Tomczak – sometimes you get to work with people, who don’t have to do much to look just great – good job, Mariusz – definitely the tallest model I’ve ever worked with 🙂
– the make up was made by Paulina Frątczak, and it completed the collection perfectly – I’m sure we’ll work together again!
– the lighting, photos, and postproduction were made by me, myself and I 🙂

The description of the lighting, as well as a crazy backstage, are at the end of this post, and in the meantime check out the lookbook:


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John Galliano Make-Up

Hello fellow Blogreaders!
Recently I had a chance to photograph Magdalena Dziatkowiak-Stefaniak’s graduation work for Make-Up Academy Maestro in Poznań, entitled „John Galliano Make-Up”.

Magda’s info about the stylization:
Both the stylization and the make up are strongly inspired by Dior Fall/Winter 2009 collection, where Galliano harks back to Paul Poiret’s works – he was a French designer, creating in ’20s of XX century. In the collection there are Asian influences, as well as harem trousers, ornately decorated, or buckles from a traditional Chinese dress – quipao, paisley pattern, also called „peacock eye”, and ikat originated from Malaysia. In the collection there are also original headgears, elegant coats, and beautiful evening gowns made of chiffon and decorated with Indian appliques.
One of the more interesting stylizations that got my attention were draped harem trousers made of creme satin, paired with a light beige astrakhan fur vest. I used trousers made of a delicate satin-like fabric, and a fur vest.
Make ups and hairdos were also inspired by ’20s. The hair, pinned with tens of hairpins, made a sort of a helmet, imitating a short ’20s hairstyle. The eyes, strongly enhanced with dark eyeshadows, reflected after I World War mood. Eyebrows were long and thin, and lips enhanced with dark colours, painted in an almost heart shape. (Source) The model in this stylization was Marta Gajewska.

After the main stylization Magda created another make up on the second model, Diana Poschen.

Time to praise the whole team:
– great compliments for Magda for the stylization, hair and make up – everything was prepared perfectly!
– for the first time in front of the lens Marta Gajewska (she’s not THE Marta Gajewska :)) – I’m very nicely surprised with how natural she was, and what we made together in less than an hour!
– Diana told me that it was her portrait debut – and it was really hard for me to believe it.
– it’s very good to have an assistance when building such a big set, and this is the right time to thank Szymon from  In2it studio for his help – without you it would have taken me 3x more time!

Main stylization, model – Marta:


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Marlena Czak Lookbook 2015

Hello fellow Blogreaders!
Once again I’ve realized a lookbook for a young designer Marlena Czak. At the end of this post I’ll describe the lighting and meanwhile, a few words about the team.
The clothes were designed and sewn by Marlena Czak,
and hair and make up were done by Magdalena Drzymała.
The team was fantastic, we were having much fun, and I have a photo proof of that – at the end of this post you’ll find a joyful backstage shot.

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