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Elizabeth Collection Lookbook Spring-Summer 2016

Hello fellow Blogreaders!
One of the basic advantages of being a photographer is an opportunity to do the same commision for a certain company for a few years in a row. It gives you a chance to improve everything you weren’t entirely satisfied the last time you did it. It’s the second time I have been pleased to make Elizabeth Collection’s lookbook, and I wanted to keep some of the features we liked last year, at the same time improving some of the other aspects. This year there were some cosmetic changes in lighting (more about it, as usually, at the end of this post), colorful backgrounds that give the photos even more Summer vibe, and a new model – the wonderful Natalia Tomczyk! The hair and make up were taken care of by trusted Izabela Kolanowska, and we worked in my favourite in2it studio.


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NapoGloves Kampania 2015

Hello, fellow Blogreaders!
This year, as well as last year, I had the pleasure of shooting a campaign for NapoGloves – a brand that makes designer leather gloves that allow using touch screens. We took the photos in urban locations in Poznań: near Andersia Tower offices, Malta House, Śródka, and in the Ośrodek Przywodny Rataje area. Our stylist and model was wonderful Maja Mocydlarz, and the whole session was watched over by the Napogloves owners – Filip and Martin. When we were looking at the photos at the end of the photoshoot, we all agreed that we managed to get a very American look. If you’re interested in my opinion about the product, you can read my review that I wrote last year, but let the best recommendation be the fact that I bought another 2 pairs, giving them to my friends. Meanwhile, you can see what we created.


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New Lookbook – Ewa Bednarska AW 2015 Haiku

Hello, fellow Blogreaders!
It’s Autumn outside, and I’ve finally found some free time to catch up. Ewa Bednarska came back to me for the third time already. This time she was armed with an unusual idea for an outdoor lookbook. The minimalistic collection inspired us when we were choosing the right place. Our choice was Lecture Center of Ponań University of Technology that has been opened a few years ago. It took a while to get a permission to shoot there but it was definitely worth it. Cold, concrete and modern interiors did the job!

A few words about the collection from the designer herself:
“In my current collection you can find referenced to Japanese art. I was intriqued by Matsuo Basho work. His short poems inspired me to create graphics which I discreetly put onto the dresses. The collection has been called HAIKU”.

Photo collage made by Ewa Bednarska.

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Elizabeth Collection Lookbook Spring/Summer 2015

Hello fellow Blogreaders!
Today’s post is about one of my biggest commercial jobs. My Muse and I have made a complete brand refresh for Elizabeth Collection, which included: lookbook session, new website, refreshed logo, catalogue and leaflet.

At the end of this post there is a description of the lighting, which is interesting because I’ve never used this kind of lighting before. When I was configuring it, I wanted to create a Summer mood, and I built it for making another lookbook, this time for clothing company Elizabeth Collection – Spring/Summer 2015 collection. The whole thing contained 36 models of dresses, so I decided to show you only my favourite ones.

elizabeth-collection intro

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Ewa Bednarska CAMOUFLAGE

Hello fellow Blogreaders!

Once again I was shooting lookbook for Ewa Bednarska, a talented young designer from Poznań, who won the last edition of HeartFashion. In her work she focuses on quality and functionality. Currently she’s creating two lines of clothes: STREET – for city lifestyle lovers, and GLAMOUR – dedicated to women who tend to wear elegant stylizations. The CAMOUFLAGE collection for Spring/Summer 2015 is characterised by original patterns (are photos or paintings made by the designer), printed onto fabrics produced in Łódź. The whole collection was sewn in Poznań.

The effects wouldn’t be so great if it wasn’t for the fantastic team:
– the clothes were provided by Ewa Bednarska – extremely positive person, who slowly and consistently has been building her own brand for the past few years,
– the model was Alicja Julia Rost – one of the most beautiful models I’ve ever worked with, the last time we worked together was in 2011, and during this break both her and I got better in what we do, it was really cool to meet after so many years – you rocked Ala! 🙂
– the second model was Mariusz Tomczak – sometimes you get to work with people, who don’t have to do much to look just great – good job, Mariusz – definitely the tallest model I’ve ever worked with 🙂
– the make up was made by Paulina Frątczak, and it completed the collection perfectly – I’m sure we’ll work together again!
– the lighting, photos, and postproduction were made by me, myself and I 🙂

The description of the lighting, as well as a crazy backstage, are at the end of this post, and in the meantime check out the lookbook:


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