Gone Girl

Hello fellow Blogreaders!
Today’s post has a few purposes. First, cheering up. I’ve dug a session that I made back in August, and with the current weather there’s nothing better than a memory of Summer. Second, a side effect of this session is a video that I shot rather casually, and after long enough time spent on my drive, the material finally turned into one video. Third, and the most important – I shared this photoshoot with an amazingly talented person – Ania Borowa. She is known for creating surrealistic graphics that use photography only as a base – make sure to check out the rest of her work!

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Hiding Places vol.I

Hello, fellow Blogreaders!
It’s been a very busy time for me recently, I will try to publish the most interesting of the photos (and videos!) I took during the past few quiet months. The most important news I’d like to share with you though is the beginning of my new personal project – after Sleepieng Maids (2012) and 365 (2013) – it’s high time to move on with a next one, dated to 2014. It’s going to be a series of short stories, and they’re all going to be about women. Below you can see the first one of them, the model was my most important, personal Muse. I visited this attic for the first time a year before taking these pictures. It had something magical and mysterious in it, it looked like a perfect hiding place. I knew I had to make use of this place, and it’s potential. One Summer evening my Muse and I went there armed with a honey yellow fabric and a bouquet of dried flowers, and with a very loose idea of what kind of photos we wanted. This is where it led us…


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